Summer of Sonic 2010

Summer of Sonic 2010 was the third of a series of conventions dedicated solely to SEGA’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, starting out in 2006, and steadily growing in popularity. About 800 people attended this year’s convention in London – including me, taking quite a ton of photos which I’d like to share with you right here (huge gallery in here, so please be patient)!

As I’ve travelled all the way from Germany to this years’ Summer of Sonic, I took the opportunity to spend a nice weekend in London, and to meet a few people beforehand of the actual convention-day. Interestingly, we weren’t the only ones meeting at JD Weatherspoon’s pub near the convention location at Shepherd’s Bush.

The next day we spent quite a while waiting in line in front of The Pavilion mainly because on the one hand, we had been there way too early, and on the other hand, things didn’t go quite as planned (as I came to know the day after).

As we finally made it into the inside, the large hall quickly crowded with people. It featured tables and chairs for fan artists, a few stands with merchandise, exclusive console pods for everyone to try out the latest (not yet available) Sonic Games “Sonic Colours” and “Sonic the Hedgehog 4”, and, of course, the stage.

Personally, I was kind of disappointed to find so little merchandise for sale, but as I was told afterwards, most of the stuff had been sold within the first hour of the event. So much for that… Apart from that, I had expected them to have at least a small selection of foods and drinks available, but as it was, you had to leave the convention (and risked missing part of the program) when you didn’t want to wither of instant dehydration…

Up until the big convention highlight, a live performance of Crush 40, there were various other events taking place on stage, a quiz, an interview, a cosplay contest and a song contest being among them.

Jun Senoue during his “Afternoon Session”.

Attendees of all sizes and ages.

Nigel Dobbyn drawing for his fans (yes, it was incredibly hot in there).

And finally, the most anticipated event of the day: Crush 40 performing live on stage!

Summer of Sonic was rather hurriedly closed after the performance, so a bunch of the attendees that hadn’t had to leave back home yet, met at another pub around the corner, the “Vesbar”, to enjoy the rest of the evening together.

So much for my short report. Overall I enjoyed Summer of Sonic 2010, and we already made plans to come back for another weekend in London in 2011, Sonic’s 20th anniversary!

Now, don’t miss the rest of the gallery (in chronological order):


9 Responses to Summer of Sonic 2010

  1. JayZeach says:

    I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the event, I was the Summer of Sonic security on the day (the one all dressed in blue sonicy stuff)

    I’m also happy to hear you’re planning attendance again next year, of course the more the merrier, so we look forward to you being there probably about as much as you look forward to being there.

    Love the Rockin’ pictures aswell by the way ;D


    • Kat says:

      Ah, happy to hear from you!
      It was strange going to a convention without knowing anyone beforehand. I’ll have to change that until next year :D.

      • JayZeach says:

        Haha, well, you managed to get over to the UK, in and around it over the weekend and back without any problems I trust? and as long as you enjoyed the day all went well.

  2. Great pics! It was so great there, Im glad to see you got a nice shot of my little one with Jun! He is his hero!

  3. Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    Thanks to you, i finally have a pic of me, cosplaying on stage!!! I went allone, so i’m glad to see some Pic’s of me in ACTION!!!^^ I’ve downloaded them, and put the two with me ( the german Shahra Cosplayer ) on to Deviantart ( i just want you to know…. ^^) Here’s the Link:

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! Greetings from Germany, Heaven

  4. jennytablina says:

    ahh these are amazing photos! Will it be okay to use one or two for a blog post. I regretfully didn’t take many photos : (

    Also the first whiteboard pic has a sketch of Zonerunner Tails that I did X3

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